Wasteco: Graffiti Truck Campaign

Wasteco: Artful Action for a Greener Tomorrow

We embarked on an innovative visual campaign for our client Wasteco, merging artistic expression with environmental advocacy. To capture public attention, we transformed one of their garbage trucks into a striking graffiti masterpiece that illustrated the vital role bees play in our ecosystem and underscored the significance of sustainable waste management practices.

This unique approach not only showcased Wasteco's dedication to environmental stewardship but also served as a conversation starter within the community. The vivid and thought-provoking artwork garnered significant interest, encouraging people to reflect on the interconnectedness of waste management and the well-being of our planet's most essential pollinators.

cans of spray paint used
hours spent spray painting the truck
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Wasteco x SKAM x Espress Labs

SKAM, known by friends as Jay, has been apart of the Toronto graffiti scene since the early '90s. His work can be seen around various neighborhoods like Parkdale, Kensington Market and Little Italy. He started off tagging like most other graffiti artists but now he is commissioned for his work.

By leveraging the power of art and creative messaging, this captivating campaign amplified Wasteco's commitment to sustainability, fostered public engagement, and inspired a greater sense of responsibility toward preserving our environment and protecting its invaluable inhabitants.

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