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At Espress Labs, we listen, challenge, and deliver with a passion that generates truly creative work for our clients. Delivering solid results is in our DNA, and we have delivered with a proven industry-agnostic track record.

Our Story

Espress Labs Founders at Apple WWDC in Cupertino, California

To be the very best,
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How it all started

When the founders of Espress Labs started, they had one goal in mind: to prove that great design can come from an innovative company without a million-dollar budget.

Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Award Interview - Espress Labs Awarded Small Business of the Year

Where we are now

What began as an experiment in university dorms quickly grew into something much more - today, the company is known worldwide for its cutting-edge approach and disciplined execution skillsets, which have helped establish itself among leading brands across the digital space.

Our Values

What drives us to keep going


We're not your average group. We take turns holding each other accountable and cheering on our progress, whether that means providing encouragement or catching errors in creative writing (you never know when someone might slip up). No matter what kind of feedback you need—from therapy suggestions to ideas about how best to use jargon terms during meetings with clients--we've got it covered here!


Our obsession with excellence drives us to test our ideas, sweat each detail, and care deeply for quality work.


We're not the type of people who get bored quickly. No matter how challenging it gets, our passion for what we do never wanes - from those spirited strategy meetings with colleagues to brainstorming new ideas or coming up against a brick wall in programming code; nothing can stop us!


The core of our business is teamwork. From clients and teammates to us, everyone here brings their A-game every day because we believe in working closely with others towards a common goal - which ultimately makes for an incredible experience that you'll want again (and hopefully come back).

Why Work With Us

Close up of a software developer working on computer with a pen in their hand

We're a digital agency that unites creativity with technology to deliver results for our partners.

We look to work with brands, partners, and strategic capital investments that share our vision for building lasting businesses. We value long-lasting principles, not short-term gains. We strive to develop robust deliverables that drive repeatable results and solve various challenges. We need partners who see the future as we do to do all this.

Staff sitting around meeting table, discussing and writing notes

We focus on your most important and pressing issues to create enduring value. From day one, we bring together the best minds to tackle your most challenging obstacles.

We believe the best and biggest ideas are born out of collaboration. We work across teams and departments to create award-winning work that shapes our client's business outcomes—creative solutions ranging from unique visual brand representation to stunning intricate visual design. Our innovative, creative team always puts users first while focusing on simplicity to transform brands from 'more of the same' to stunningly impactful. We move at the speed of culture, allowing our clients to make meaningful connections with an audience searching for authenticity.

Two employees sitting at a desk reviewing a project on laptop

Our fast, flexible, and talented team help build and support the best products for our partners. We do this by auditing your current solutions, understanding you and your customers clearly, and designing an engaging user experience. Then, we lead development with our team providing proprietary platforms to build and iterate on products.

We are grateful to work with incredible partners and brands.


Other Ventures

Rendoodle is Canada’s only full-service marketplace for all things home improvement, from financing options to Contractors and installers.

Workbench Printing, based in the Greater Toronto Area, is a detail-oriented print shop specializing in scanning, printing, and archiving CAD documents, committed to timely delivery and handling projects of all sizes.