Razzall: Crowd Purchasing

Crowd purchasing to get the things you want at a fraction of the cost!

With the Razzall marketplace, buying and selling tickets has never been easier. You can find everything from Vacations to Concerts all in one place!

The next time you're looking for some last minute vacation gear or want an extra ticket on your favorite concert go ahead purchase it through our user-friendly interface designed with end users like yourself who are always searching online for better deals.

An innovative digital approach to buying and selling, giving you more of what you want!

Buy, Sell, Razz™

A Chance to Get the Things You Want, for a Fraction of the Price!

A complex idea, simplified

The challenges with Razzall were not only the usual obstacles you would face when designing for ecommerce, but also a unique mix of words and visuals. This required us to come up new ways that could effectively demonstrate how their processes work without overwhelming audiences who are interested in what they have going on!

Razzall is the world's leading online marketplace for sports memorabilia and experiences. All of this possible by harnessing 500k lines with AI assisted algorithms, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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