Castle: Application
Design + Development

Simplifying customer interactions in an evolving landscape.

One of the largest independent building material retailers in the Canada, Castle Building Centres has locations across Canada. They approached Espress Labs to unify their digital ecosystem into a more cohesive, scalable, and modern experience.

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improvement in user
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Modernized location experience
  2. Created a scalable design system
  3. Integrated 4+ individual models, reducing overhead
  4. Launched in 4 months

Tech consolidation — 240k lines of code reinvented

Speed is everything for customers — our engineering team replaced thousands of lines of code, wrote new code, and implemented new frameworks, making the customer experience faster, more reliable, and built for scale.

Get directions and news anywhere, anytime

No more flipping between websites and maps. Now customers can search for a store in real time and get turn by turn directions. A 90% retention rate shows how much customers love this.

Technical Architecture: Optimizing code base for scale

Our Engineering team optimized Castle’s existing codebase and ensured that it could accommodate seamless deployment by combining 240k lines of code in the span of 4 months. The system utilizes the react native architecture for quickly builds, testing and release apps.

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