Espress Labs Overjoyed with Win at the 2022 Business Achievement Awards

Privileged to receive recognition and the coveted award of Small Business of the Year by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Woodbridge, ON, Jun. 13, 2022 – On June 9th, 2022, the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce named Espress Labs, the winner of the Small Business, Under 25 Employees Award at the 2022 Business Achievement Awards. The award recognizes significant accomplishments made throughout this past year. This award holds a lot of significance for Espress Labs since it has been operating in Vaughan for 18 years and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Having this kind of recognition from the community is both gratifying and humbling.

Espress Labs works with brands, partners, and strategic capital investments that share their vision for building lasting businesses. Espress Labs aims to build strong deliverables that drive repeatable results and address a wide range of challenges. All of this requires partners who see the future the way they do.

The most innovative and significant ideas are born out of collaboration. Espress Labs works across teams and departments to create award-winning work that shapes their clients' businesses. From unique visual brand representation to stunningly intricate graphic design, they offer creative solutions for every need. Espress Labs' fast, flexible, and talented team help build and support the best products for their partners.

Many local businesses and public figures attended the in-person gala event. The methodology of award selection was based on a committee of interviewers who selected and assigned the specific award categories. Each category was then short-listed to five nominees. At which point, Espress Labs was contacted for in-person interviews by committee members. Once the interviews were conducted, each interviewer presented their findings to a panel of judges. The judges then scored each presentation confidentially; these ballots were then calculated by the BAA Co-Chair and the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce staff. The top three companies in each category were then notified and contacted to schedule video shoots to be shown during the event. Espress Labs was humbled to be presented with their award during the event.

About Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Since 1977, the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce has promoted and represented business interests in Vaughan. The members have played a vital role in the business community since its inception. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to fostering connections, serving, and empowering the Vaughan business community alike.

About Espress Labs

Espress Labs is an ambitious creative, strategy-driven marketing agency that helps clients stand out from the crowd. The diverse team at Espress Labs collaborates efficiently across various disciplines to solve a wide range of challenges. With a focus on cutting-edge technology solutions, strategy, and design, they get the job done beyond client expectations while delivering tangible results. For more information, visit espresslabs.com.

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Dan Alexander Ifrim
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