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Placing Pfaff Motorsports on a web design podium.

Placing Pfaff Motorsports
on a web design podium.

  • User Experience Development
  • User Interface Design
  • e-Commerce
  • Web Development
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Our partnership with Pfaff Motorsports brought forth a goal to innovate a strong Canadian brand’s prescence both on the track and online through a brand new eCommerce website experience & racecar livery designs.

Pfaff’s race history is about as in depth as it’s history in Canadian business.


The new website features an in depth look at Pfaff Motorsports’ history in racing as well as an overview of what Pfaff Motorsports stands for today; a company dedicated to providing progressive customer service through their knowledge of race technology.

The release of the new Pfaff Motorsports website introduced track day packages complete with document signing capabilities to allow customers easy purchasing online.