Branding, Publishing, UI/UX Design, Promotion

With over 40 years of experience, Mirolin has evolved over generations to become a Canadian bath industry leader. With an unwavering reputation of exceeding expections; they are committed to responsible manufacturing, continuous improvement and innovation.

Mirolin - Graphic design, Branding, Business cards Mirolin - graphic design, Logo design, Brochure and Catalog


To build on their 40 year history and evolve the company brand across all the Mirolin media gamut.

Mirolin - UI/UX Design, Development Mirolin - UI/UX Design, Development


An award winning suite of projects which have postioned the Mirolin brand at the top of its class. Begining with a brand identity refresh that is now evident on all physical collateral, and extending to a fully AODA compliant web site.

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