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Espress Labs - Apple WWDC 2016
Dan Ifrim
Dan Ifrim

It's that time of year again and Espress Labs is attending the Apple WWDC in lovely San Francisco for the third year in a row. WWDC is Apple's annual developer conference where new ideas and technologies are shared with a select amount of Apple developers and we're here to bring the news to you as it rolls out. Keep in touch with us here to be the first to find out what Apple has to share with the world this year at WWDC 2016.

Espress Labs - Apple WWDC 2016 - Doors Open

Doors Open - 9:00am PST

The doors are open and the atmosphere is electric here at WWDC 2016.

Espress Labs - Apple WWDC 2016 - Apple Beats1

Apple Beats Radio - Electric Atmosphere - 9:27am PST

Apple Beats1 is getting everyone excited for WWDC 2016 as we await the start of the key note. Drake, Lorde, DJ Khaled, Kanye and more amazing artists. Stay tuned for more.

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Taking a moment of silence for Orlando shooting - 10:02am PST

A moment of silence as Tim Cook steps out onto stage for those affected by the Orlando shootings. He states “The apple community is made up of diversity which makes us stronger and moves us all forward.” WWDC brings together a massive global community of supporters and developers some of which who are here today, the youngest being 9 years old.

Starting Off on the Right Foot - 10:06am PST

Tim states over $50 billion dollars has been paid out to developers.

watchOS 3 Developments - 10:09am PST

Apple’s Kevin Lynch takes the stage to discuss improvement on watchOS 3

Some highlights being featured early are improved load times from watchOS 2, about 7x faster! The Apple Watch will also now feature a control centre similar to the one found in iOS devices. Kevin also states a new dock will be available for the Apple Watch.

Another exciting feature for watchOS 3 is Scribble. Users can now scribbles on screen to convert hand-writing to text allowing easier text input into the new watchOS 3 functionality.

New watch faces announced including Minnie Mouse to pair along with the classic Mickey Mouse face. Some other cool technical faces are also released. Stacey Lustig steps on stage to showcase the new watch faces.

The new WatchOS 3 dock appears to be very versatile in showing open apps without cluttering the interface.

New quick start functionality for workouts has been added to WatchOS 3 making it much easier to start a workout right away.

Scribble also appears to be able to support Mandarin and Cantonese characters.

WWDC 2016 - watchOs Scribble

WatchOS 3 has a new emergency call feature allowing users to make emergency calls by holding down the right button broadcasting a location to nearby emergency authorities with your geo location and Medical ID.

This makes things much safer when travelling without the need to memorize emergency numbers in foreign countries. This should make everyone feel much safer when traveling!

Apple has integrated activity sharing into WatchOS 3 allowing you to track your family and keep in touch with each others goals!

Some simple text or voice comments can be exchanged for some “friendly competition”.

Apple includes a different gesture set for wheelchair users allowing them to use their Apple Watch more efficiently. This is a huge plus for Apple as they stay true to designing a product with specific users in mind. Great to hear!

New Breathe app is designed to calm people down in high stress moments. Very useful in the case of our daily lives. We all need to take a moment to Breathe every once in a while. This app will measure your heart rate and let you know when you need to take a “Breathe” break.

Kevin returns to stage to summarize some of the new features available with WatchOS 3 coming out this fall.

WWDC 2016 - watchOs Breathe

New with tvOS 10:27am PST

Eddy Cue on stage to talk to the WWDC crowd about the up and coming tvOS.

There are now about 6000 available apps for tvOS and around 1300 channels!

New app is announced allowing iPhone users to navigate tvOS via text input and Siri commands. User can get very specific with commands too allowing search ability to select a specific movie or YouTube video.

Single sign on draws a huge applaud from the crowd along with more developer functionality to further improve the tvOS experience.

Craig Federighi on stage to discuss further OSX improvements.

WWDC 2016 - tvOS

macOS Evolution - 10:36am PST

macOS Sierra is mentioned with a massive focus on community.

Apple has a new naming structure for all OS platforms. The new OSX is now referred to as macOS.

New feature alert! Auto-Unlock allows users to unlock their laptops via their Apple Watch, no more need for typing your password every time!

Universal clipboard feature now allows users to copy and paste from all of their Apple devices with one universal clipboard.

macOS desktop is now accessible on iCloud drive allowing users to view files on their desktop without having to be at their computer.

macOS desktop is now accessible on iCloud drive allowing users to view files on their desktop without having to be at their computer. Users can also have one universal desktop across all of their devices.

Apple Pay is now available on the Mac for web purchases making online shopping much safer!

WWDC 2016 - Apple Pay macOS

Apple Pay is now widely available in a range of countries.

Picture in picture support now on MacOS.

Looks like Siri just introduced herself on the MacOS platform! She lives in the dock right next to Finder on the new Sierra MacOS.

Searching for files and content just got a lot easier with the help of Siri.

Continuity seems to be a trend here today as stress is put on the word to allow Apple devices to seamlessly flow together creating increased usability. This is a great thing to hear.

Sierra is available for public beta today!

WWDC 2016 - iOS 10

iOS 10 is About to Break Ground - 10:48am PST

Looks like iOS 10 had a lock screen redesign allowing users to 3D touch notifications before unlocking their iPhones. This also applies to 3rd party apps like Uber.

3D touch also allows you to clear your notifications all at once via the control centre.

iOS 10 now has support for swiping through widgets on the lock screen such as the Calendar app, top stories or weather with live action!

For example, ESPN app allows user to touch and hold to preview live action.

Siri is now open to developers!

Specific instructions can now be given to Siri to control 3rd party applications.

Siri’s new functionality now exists on CarPlay as well making your drive much safer.

Siri is also going to provide “intelligent” suggestions on your iOS keyboard now as well by monitoring what you are discussing with your friends to try and help with planning and organization.

“Advanced Computer Vision” now brings facial recognition to your iOS devices.

“Advanced Computer Vision” now brings facial recognition to your iOS devices. This also includes object recognition. This is very helpful when organizing trip photos as it appears to group action shots by activity type and organize it accordingly to recognized family members or friends.

The app can also play back memories as if it were a living photo album.

iPhoto is also getting many of these features!

WWDC 2016 - Photos

Eddie Cue now steps back onto stage to cycle through the rest of the features.

Maps now has better functionality to suggest travel times depending on the time of day and where the usr is headed and will show the user live suggestions via “sliding-up” from the bottom of the screen like restaurants on the route, etc.

Apple is also opening Maps up to developers.

Apple is also opening Maps up to developers. This should also increase the functionality of 3rd party apps.

n example of how easy this works now is that a user can call an uber, track it, pay for it and hop in without ever leaving the Maps app.

Apple Music has an all new design! Looks like they’ve also included a recently added tab along with a downloaded music tab for ease of access.

Apple paused the demo to have everyone rap along with “Rappers Delight” to showcase the new lyrics functionality. A little fun on Apple’s behalf! Users can now view lyrics to their favourite tracks!

The new design appears to be incredibly easy to use. This really looks good on Apple for their ability to deliver exactly what the user needs when they need it. Job well done.

WWDC 2016 - Apple Music

More publications have been added. There are now around 2000 publications with around 60 million monthly users. Amazing!

Breaking news notifications are also a thing now and organization of stories have been grouped according to what you like to read.

HomeKit allows user to seamlessly check on their home automation devices with ease and the great news is that most large home automation companies have already announced HomeKit integration!

For example, setting a button like “Good night” can make a range of changes across multiple devices. Dim the lights, lock the doors, etc. all at once.

You can also now view a live camera right from your lock screen with HomeKit integration.

The Apple Watch will also have built in HomeKit support.

Moving on to phone calls. Voicemail transcripts are now recorded and sent to a user if enabled. Spam alerts can also be enabled via 3rd party apps like Tencent and appear right under the number that is calling you.

VoIP apps can now be integrated into your recents, lock screen and favourites.

iMessage now features rick links as well as a live feed of your camera if selected.

Emoji are now 3x larger in case you wanted to really tell a story with pictures.

New invisible ink allows users to draw on screen and bubble effects make for some added text message feelings.

Full screen takeovers like fireworks add some emotion to on screen feelings as well. A brief animation plays behind your text when the user selects this option.

Apple really put a lot more emotion into how we convey our thoughts via iMessage with this update.

iOS will now suggest possible emojis where words are used as a replacement.

All of this functionality appears to be targeted at snapchat users to not have to leave their native messaging apps.

WWDC 2016 - iMessage Digital Touch

Apple also opened up iMessage to developers. Looks like Snapchat is really being targeted here. All iMessage apps are available by sliding the “App Drawer” up from the bottom of the screen.

For those users afraid of all of this connectivity and monitoring, Apple stresses that end to end encryption will be a default setting on iOS 10 with no user profiling. This is great for privacy.

Differential Privacy separates the users interest with personal data.

A developer preview of iOS 10 is available today!

Tim Cook Wraps Things Up - 11:44am PST

Tim states that Apple has had amazing reviews and feedback from developers of the Swift programming language.

Swift Playground is an app released to help engage developers to learnt he language. This will engage young developers to learn and pave the path for great future developers.

Swift playground allows kids to learn code through games and activities. Great job Apple for integrating logical code based activities into a fun game for kids to learn a future skill.

Swift Playgrounds will be released for free in the fall!

A summary of all items talked about to day is being delivered by Tim Cook including all the new platforms and their connectivity with each other.

“At Apple, we believe technology should lift humanity.” - Tim Cook


This concludes our coverage of WWDC 2016, we hope everyone if as excited as we are for all the new updates coming this year. Thanks everyone!

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