Tackle The Impossible - A Hackathon Challenge presented by Budweiser & Brainstation

Tackle the Impossible Hackathon - Group Working
Aram Stamboulian
Aram Stamboulian
Creative Director

Just this passed weekend I was selected to take part in a 2.5 day challenge to end drunk driving put forth by the good people at Budweiser and Brainstation. I have to say I was very impressed by the level of organization and how much heart these companies put into this cause.

Hacking Together a Solution

Upon my arrival on day one (Friday after work), I was given a name badge and sat in a briefing room full of other designers, marketing people, strategists and developers all devoted to the same cause. After a powerful speech from Matt Evans of Arrive Alive Ontario, we were introduced to our group of complete strangers to begin hacking away at a solution.

Tackle the Impossible Hackathon - Presentation

A Long Road Ahead

A Hackathon is titled accordingly for a very good reason, as I so quickly realized, due to trying to solve a complex issue in two and a half days. I learned so much just from working with like minded people from different backgrounds and skill sets and I think we really made a dent in how to fix this issue.

Tackle the Impossible Hackathon - Group Working

Our Solution

My team and I decided to create a rewards program tailored to giving designated drivers a more than average night out for being a responsible driver. How does this work? My team developed a campaign, platform and mobile application to reward and incentivize designated driving using the Budweiser network of partners to help provide these unforgettable experiences.

Tackle the Impossible Hackathon - Whiteboard

The Winning Solution

Although my team did not get picked first, we were extremely proud of what we created in a span of two and a half days and we’d like to extend our congratulations to the other Hackers and a big congratulations to Team Delta for being first place winners. We wish you all the best as your solution is put to good use.


At the end of it all a group of talented minds came together to try and solve a real issue in this world and we made some great friends along the way. Shoutout to Team Magna (Carta Holy Grail)! Heather, Jade & Sergiy, you guys rock and I hope to work with you all again one day, we killed it together. (Oooooooooh!)

Tackle the Impossible Hackathon - Team

Giving Thanks

On a very serious note, drunk driving affects us all and I think what Budweiser put together along with Brainstation was a great effort into a larger push to end such a bad thing. Thanks for the opportunity and a huge thank you to the Brainstation team for keeping us housed and well fed over the course of the weekend. I’m very excited to see what the Brainstation team offers next and I can definitely say I would love to do that all over again, no matter how tired I was Monday morning.

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