Partnering with Pfaff Motorsports

PFAFF Motorsports - Chris Green 1
Dan Ifrim
Dan Ifrim

It isn't every day that an opportunity to work with a great Canadian brand presents itself. Often times agencies like ours will seek ways to get our name out there and in this case, we were approached by a brand many Canadians know and love in regards to a sponsorship opportunity with the Pfaff Motorsports race team. Needless to say, the offer excited us as our team is built up mostly of automotive enthusiasts that happen to love the smell of petrol at any time of the day.

PFAFF Motorsports - Chris Green 2

Espress Labs' sponsorship with Pfaff Motorsports and the Pfaff Automotive Group includes our brand identity on each of the Porsche GT3 Cup cars as well as the Porsche GT4 Clubsport car added to the Pfaff Motorsports roster this year. It's a very exciting time to be involved with the brand as they have created quite the impact on Canadian racing in the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Canada as well as their mark on American asphalt this year with Chris Green's debut with the Platinum Class Cup car on the Pirelli World Challenge stage. This allows Espress Labs to be visible to both a Canadian and American audience in person as well as televised events. We look forward to the continued success of #9 Chris Green, #13 Orey Fidani and #57 Gerald Panneton in this seasons campaign.

PFAFF Motorsports - Orey Fidani

This amazing partnership gets our team excited about all the opportunities and visibility that can be created and we feel like the alignment of both Pfaff Motorsports and Espress Labs future is something to greatly look forward to. Thank you to Pfaff Motorsports and the entire team for making all of this possible. Let's have a great season!

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