Espress Labs Holiday Cards

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Anthony Prestanizzi
Anthony Prestanizzi
Lead Designer

The Pitch

Our good friends over at Printed by Somerset approached us just before the holidays and expressed their want to work together on a collaboration between our design talent and ability to do something different and their printing and production skills in the form of a Holiday card. Our teams got together and discussed our ideas over some nice coffee and cookies early one morning. (Thanks Andrew!)

The Idea

Since the birth of the project we knew something different needed to be done so we started exploring various ideas with holiday themes such as ‘Letters to Santa’, using lyrics from some holiday classic jingles all the way down to expressing sincere wishes from our team on various cards almost to tell a story. Needless to say, we wanted the card to have a personal touch from every member of our teams so we created slides each with a rhyming message to read almost like a story book of a classic Canadian holiday.

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Once we created all the pieces to the ‘card’, we handed them over to Somerset to work their magic and create something tactile for our recipients to enjoy. The cards were each printed on 100% cotton in a cream tone adding some warmth to the look and feel while a deboss pattern was applied to the back of each slide for some added personality. All of this of course came inside a beautiful red velum envelope with a subtle red ‘Season’s Greetings’ message on the front. Gift tags were also made in the same beautiful stock as the cards for a little extra piece to tie around gift boxes and bottles.

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We absolutely love working with the more than friendly team at Printed by Somerset and are proud to have been selected to produce this piece for them! We are all looking forward to what the future has in store for us.

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