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Aram Stamboulian
Aram Stamboulian
Creative Director

As many of you designers out there know, creating a brand isn’t the easiest task in the world; not by a long shot. Tons of research and planning goes into every decision we make as creatives and more often than not this process is overlooked but continues to be what separates the good designers from the “I made this in five minutes, why can’t you?” types of people. Now imagine this, as hard as it is to come up with a brand that really works, try producing that brand for not only yourself, but for an agency! Everything has to be taken into consideration; from branding to vision and even the feel of everything that your agency stands for. Thus is one of the greatest challenges in graphic design, branding an agency.

When we decided to rebrand ourselves, the entire team got together and put everything on the table. We know who we are and we know what we stand for but how do we convey this feeling to the world? Very carefully and as clean as possible.

The Form

I’ve personally always been a fan of a French verse, “La simplicité fait la beauté”, meaning “simplicity is beautiful” and this is exactly what we went with. There’s no need to overcrowd things, a simple typographic logo would do. We wanted something timeless, simple and a mark that could stand out on anything and It’s exactly what we accomplished.

Espress Labs Business Cards

The Colour Palette

Naturally, we turned to to punchy combination of, you guessed it, black on white type. Using black on white allowed us to get a lot of contrast but it also played a large role in selecting an accent colour; and accent colours are where you can really add some spice to a design. For us, Pantone 0921 stood out as the perfect colour and the only way to obtain this colour properly is by using a really good printer, which leads me to my next point.

The Physical Production

Now here at Espress Labs we like to do things a bit differently and being different is just another way of saying unique. So how do we make our stationery unique? Well, usually people use paper right? Throw that idea out the window! We approached our good friend Steve at Flash Reproductions (talk to him he’s a great guy, seriously) and we pitched the idea of having our cards done on Cranes Lettra along with the rest of our branded items. For those of you who have no idea what Cranes Lettra is, this is essentially 100% cotton in the form of bleach white paper. It was perfect.

Espress Labs Poster

Having a great set of unique collateral for our own agency allows us to express ourselves exactly as we want to show the world and after all, we love what we do so why not take pride in everything that represents us.

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