BlackList Rally 2015

Black List Rally 2015 - Lamborghini Montreal Cars and Coffee
Aram Stamboulian
Aram Stamboulian
Creative Director

Working with the team at BlackList Rally was a fantastic project for more than a few reasons. Not only did we have creative freedom when creating this brand from the ground up, we also got to work with great people and a fleet of some of the nicest cars out there.

The good people at BlackList Rally approached us and asked for a complete solution to their event. This included a brand from the ground up, website, map designs, car livery designs, apparel and other marketing collateral including the production of 60+ sets of carefully picked delicate 3M specialized vinyl safe for exotic performance cars.

What is the BlackList Rally? Well, It’s a journey city to city across Canada and the United States collecting exotic car lovers together with incredible countryside drives and events in each city to get people excited.

The brand started out as a simple concept and evolved into something simple, clean and extremely playful. We ended up creating a punchy look that practically jumped off of everything we applied the logos to with consideration to a range of car colours and application such as T-shirts and decals. There’s nothing like seeing 60 exotics drive by wearing the brand you created with your team. The icing on the cake was how well the brand was perceived by the public; lots of people stopped to take picture of the fleet which was great for the sponsors featured on each vehicle.

BlackList Rally 2015 - Joey Restaurants Lansdowne, Ottawa

Of course we didn’t just create the brand and wave goodbye to the participants on launch date, being car lovers ourselves, we participated in the entire rally spanning from Toronto to Ottawa, Ottawa to Montréal, Montréal to Syracuse, and eventually to Niagara where our team received the coveted “Jokers of the BlackList Rally” award, an award I’m proud of since our team has a lot of fun in pretty well everything we do.

Blacklist Rally 2015 - Pfaff Tuning Espress Labs

At the end of it all, we all became one big family and to this day continue to put time aside for meeting up with each other whether it’s over a coffee or a nice Sunday cruise all because of a fantastic event which we take quite a bit of pride in working with the amazing BlackList Rally team in producing. I think I speak for my entire team by saying we absolutely loved working on this project and we can’t wait to show the world our plans for the 2016 BlackList Rally.

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